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Latest Vaping Warnings by the WHO Draws Critical Response from UK Experts!

This week the World Health Organization released a new warning about vaping that has been labeled as ‘blatant misinformation’ by public health experts in the United Kingdom.

In a recent announcement, the World Health Organization (WHO) has once again condemned the use of e-cigarettes or vaporizers. They announced that “There is no doubt that they are harmful to health and are not safe, but it is too early to provide a clear answer on the long-term impact of using them or being exposed to them.

In the same announcement, WHO also stated that Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) could be linked to lung damage “There is growing evidence to show that ENDS use could cause lung damage. On 17 September 2019, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention activated an emergency investigation into links between ENDS use and lung injuries and deaths. By 10 December 2019, the USA reported more than 2409 hospitalized cases and 52 confirmed deaths.

What the WHO didn’t mention was that the CDC linked all these cases, Vitamin E Acetate an ingredient used in cannabis vape liquid, not e-liquid used in e-cigarettes.

The response by public health experts was fast and blunt. Top of FormBottom of Form“The WHO has a history of anti-vaping activism that is damaging their reputation. This document is particularly malign,” Peter Hajek, Director of the Tobacco Dependence Research Unit at the Queen Mary University of London, wrote in a statement released by U.K. Science Media Centre.

There remains a lot of controversy surrounding vaping, but long-term studies still need to be conducted into their effectiveness as smoking cessation tools. Regardless of this, Public Health UK still stands by their research that suggests e-cigarettes could be as much as 95% safer than traditional cigarettes as well as an effective way for smokers to quit smoking.

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